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Transitioning from cash to a prepaid and completely built for purpose card platform for care homes and residents can bring about numerous benefits, ensuring efficiency, security, and financial inclusion.

Our system also affords next of kin complete ownership and visibility.
Here’s an introduction to this concept:

Introducing the Care Sector Prepaid Card Platform

In an era of digital transformation and heightened emphasis on security and accountability, the provision of a prepaid card system for care homes and residents is a progressive leap forward in redefining how we manage the financial aspects of elderly care and residential living.

Traditionally, care homes and their residents have relied on cash transactions, a method fraught with challenges, such as increased risk of theft, the administrative burden of handling cash, and limited transparency in tracking expenses. However, by embracing the use of prepaid cards, we are revolutionising the way care homes operate.

How does it work?

Our prepaid card system is designed to empower residents with greater financial independence, allowing them to make secure, cashless transactions for various services, including dining, transportation, and personal needs. It not only enhances their overall quality of life but also ensures a higher level of dignity in managing their finances.

Benefits for care homes

For care homes, the benefits are equally compelling. Our platform simplifies financial management, reduces the risk associated with handling cash, and enhances transparency. Caregivers and staff can efficiently track residents’ expenses, monitor budgets, and streamline financial processes, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency and better resident care.



Join us in exploring the numerous advantages of transitioning to a prepaid card system for care homes and residents, as we embark on a journey to transform the landscape of elderly care and residential living, making it safer, more convenient, and ultimately, more enriching


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